Traveled through the world and made embroidery products which are impressions of the Places visited.
Introduce folk embroideries and living people.

StarRussia / St.Petersburg

St.Petersburg was built to a comprehensive plan conceived by Peter The Great. It was thought an open window to European culture. I wanted to know, what kind of embroidery, is in the Hermitage Museum and visited there in 1995.

The complete view of the Hermitage Museum.
A view of the Hermitage Museum which includes five buildings. They were built by Peter the Great and Catherine II.
Photo: Chieko Hoshiai

Two pillows, from my impression of items in the Hermitage collection.

Photo: Yutaka Sato
1995/12 Printed in Mrs.
Thick golden embroideries on charcoal-gray velvet.
copyright(c) 2000 Chieko Hoshiai

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