Traveled through the world and made embroidery products which are impressions of the Places visited.
Introduce folk embroideries and living people.

StarEngland / Pulborough

The entarance of Parham Park
Two noblewomen, a mother and her daughter have collected.
Pulborough Map
The house, which has the finest and most important collection of 17th - 20th century embroidery to be found anywhere in England, is in Pulborough, West Sussex.

From an impression of
Parham Park Bargello.

copyright(c) 2000 Chieko Hoshiai

A part of long cushion

copyright(c) 2000 Chieko Hoshiai
Printed in "lovely now"

Bargello has several names such as Hungarian point,Florentine stitch and Flame stitch.
This shows that the stitich's native place is a riddle.
Bed curtain
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Bed curtain worked in Bargello, English; 1610-20
Curtain, pelmets and valance are all worked in cllored wools and floss silks. Inside the bed is embroidered in silk on satin, French; 1585.
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Wall covered by Bargello, possibly the earliest attempts at the Bargello stitch, Italian; 1560-85
They used linen cloths and woollen yarn.

Hanging worked in Bargello, probably English; 1660-85
They used deep blue and red woolen yarn with golden silk.

Photo: Chieko Hoshiai

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