Traveled through the world and made embroidery products which are impressions of the Places visited.
Introduce folk embroideries and living people.

Star Mexico(2) / Puebla
Herring - bone Embroidery

All kinds of objects, people, animals, birds and plants are embroidered using only the Herring-bone stitch.

work: Yoshie Ohnishi

Printed in "lovely now"
work: Yoshie Ohnishi
Printed in "lovely now"
work:Yoshie Ohnishi, Yoshimi Yoshizawa

Mexican embroidery uses
brilliant colors.
No threads jump from one area
to another on the back side.

A farm woman draws a pattern in pencil, befor embroidering.
She uses cotton for cloth and threads.
The village where Herring - bore embroidery is made.
copyright(c) 2003 Chieko Hoshiai
Photo: Chieko Hoshiai

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